Chella Quint: Adventures in Menstruating

Bunbury Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Chella Quint’s ‘Adventures in Menstruating’ is a brave and ambitious venture into the taboo that is menstruation, and how we stop the destructive influence its having on women and girls alike.

The show draws on Quint’s experiences as a teacher. Alarmed by the lack of menstrual education in schools, she embarked upon research into where the miseducation has come from that has left adolescents so clueless about periods – thus, ‘Adventures in Menstruating’ was born.

From the off, she knows how to break boundaries. She uses audience interaction to break down barriers and draw people out of their comfort zones, before getting into the gory details. It’s a daring but effective move – even the handful of men looking unsure of what they’ve got themselves into are in stitches in minutes. Though approaching an uncomfortable topic, Quint’s the tendency towards sharp pun or timely punchline is impeccable.

The show is a manifestation of Quint’s mission to normalise periods, and it achieves just that. As a performer, she is instantly charming, shameless, sometimes silly and always warm and affable.

’Adventures in Menstruating’ explores some of the misconceptions around the monthly affliction, and explores the sources of the contrived shame surrounding period that Quint seeks to dismantle. Her research pays off; even the most seasoned menstruated will more than likely take something from this informative presentation. Never a dull moment, the show is a unexpected and refreshing experience.

‘Adventures in Menstruating’ will be running at 22:10 on Friday 10th August at The Banshee Labyrinth and Saturday 11th August at 15:00 in Central Library.

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