Anthony Jeannot – Life Coach (Age 14)

Life Coach (Age 14)
22:15 @ The Free Sisters – The Wee Room (Venue 272) Aug 2nd-14th
Free Fringe Laughing Horse

Bunbury Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

From the very start the room is at ease with this show which is conversational in tone packed with very sharp and relatable anecdotal humour. The audience is highly immersed from the off because of the skillful story telling. Anthony Jeannot is a passionate performer who really takes clear pleasure in what he does and that also serve to draw the audience in. The timing and poise is just fantastic with wonderful descriptions which paint vivid pictures in the mind making this a warm an accessible show. it is a show about growing, changing and reflection.

A great watch. Make the time to see this show as it is so well performed and presented. It’s really hard not to adore Jeannot.

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