Daniel Audritt – Trying to Be Good: A Review

Bunbury Magazine – 

Daniel Audritt is a comedian with a refreshingly sharp and quick-witted mind presenting an hour of rapid-fire jokes on the subject of falling – or jumping – in love. He cuts an incredible charming and likeable figure on the stage, dotting his set with audience interactions that never makes those members feel uncomfortable. It helps bring the crowd into Daniel’s world of often sideways and dark glances at the subject of love.

He is a comedian with a clear pedigree of writing well-crafted jokes, with a clarity and confidence of delivery that is at the height of the profession – even with jokes that he self-admittedly only wrote that morning, making this even more impressive.

Inevitably, a show about falling in love and all the foibles around it – Daniel is trying to be a better person for his new partner – there are lots of jokes about sex which are presented in a very accessible way and never strays into uncomfortable territory. His comedic talents also turn very well to fantastic word play and the flipping of the tropes and convention associated with love.

This show is a fantastic way to start the day at the Fringe, a highly enjoyable and hilarious hour of comedy that needs to be seen.

Written by Christopher Moriarty.

Daniel Audritt – Trying to Be Good

Laughing Horse @ Cabaret Voltaire, 1200

3rd – 26th August (except 15th)


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