Raymond Burke – The Metaphoric Table: A Review

Bunbury Magazine – 

In a world where all is uncertainty, Raymond Burke has attempted to bring some clarity to one aspect of the human experience. From alliteration to metonymy, catechresis to synedoche, Burke has set out to bring order to the oft murky world of writing devices and figurative language.

This is a very well-crafted, informative show that has been put together with the passion of a seasoned writer. The talk is accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation which helps to shed light and share examples of the various devices that are explored in this show. Burke brings a calming charm to the proceedings, weaving the knowledge of the craft together with engrossing and light-hearted story telling. Perhaps the highlight of the show is a scholarly break-down of Trump’s infamous Elton John speech, which perfectly highlights and underpins the whole purpose behind the talk; that we all subconsciously use these devices but are unaware that we are doing so.

Burke shines a light on how we speak and write with great care and wit throughout. This is a must for any writer.

Written by Christopher Moriarty.

Raymond Burke – The Metaphoric Table

Bar Bados, 1215. Part of PBH Free Fringe

4th – 25th August (except 12th and 19th)

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