Henry Paker: Man Alive – A Review

@ The Banshee Labyrinth (Venue 156), 17:10

Bunbury Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Comedian and cartoonist Henry Paker exudes creativity on many levels in this fantastically imaginative show. His visual accompaniments showcase charming talent, and instantly captivate the audience, as he takes us through a visual exploration of his career.

With his observational humour, his takes on marriage (and its trials), holidays, arguments and middle class life take confessionalism to the next level, as his analysis of the mundane and everyday aspects of life is delivered with simultaneously astonishing realism and bright humour. Paker is matter-of-fact without veering into cynicism, with an approach that, no matter what, feels vivid and lively.

The show often ranges into the absurd but never fails to be brilliant. Aside from his sharp, witty stand-up comedy, the show also includes a handful of surprises sure to delight any audience.

‘Man Alive’ is daring, funny, fascinating and entirely original. Proving a brilliant mind and unique talent, this is comedy of remarkable quality.

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