Tom Taylor: Abridged – A Review

Bunbury Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Laughing Horse @ City Café, 16:55

As a first impression, Tom Taylor comes across with the mannerisms of an awkward teenage boy trying to impress a girl that he likes – self-conscious, slightly uncomfortable and likable, in a very funny way. A cross between Jon Richardson and Tim Minchin, Taylor’s demeanour is lively and characterful, whilst giving the impression of being endearingly ill-at-ease.

His comedy is delightfully silly whilst being remarkably clever. Taylor’s timing for an unexpected pun is flawless, and although his comedy sometimes seems a little random, it is never once to the show’s detriment.

The intermittent appearance of the keyboard is a nice aid to the laughter. Though a slightly eccentric trademark, it never appears too gimmicky, but offers perfect accompaniment for sharp one-liners.

Between this, his self-aware comedy and his peculiar charisma, Taylor has the show down to a perfect formula, which manages to stay original and unpredictable throughout. ‘Abriged’ is a rare, unusual and intelligent show.


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