I am Christopher Moriarty. I am the co-creator and chief editor of Bunbury Magazine, an on-line arts-and-lit magazine which features the best words and pictures from around the world, as well as interviews with musicians, playwrights, comedians and everything in-between. We are exclusively digital and distribute to every corner of the earth for free every two months.

As well as this, I run a writing group called Just Write. We meet at The Two Tubs in Bury every Tuesday. We also host regular live events where the members of the group can present their finest writings. We also have guest poets, open-mic slots, competitions, prizes…a kitchen sink! It’s always a great night.

Both of these things I do with my wife, Keri-Ann.

I am also a burgeoning performance poet in my own right. I have been performing on and off for 4 years. In that time, I regularly performed at Ink’d and Cellar Door in Chester, I have performed at events across Manchester including Hotch Potch, Stephen James’ Spoken Word Showcase, Mic Bytes, Transdimensional Space Goats, Verbose and the regular event at Trof. I have performed in Bury at Once More with Meaning and during the Light Night Festival 2013. Also, I performed for Other Voices during the Edinburgh Festival 2014. In 2015, I took part in the Hammer & Tongue Poetry Slam at the Edinburgh Festival. I came second.

Last year, my first book was published by Wordcatcher Publishing. It is called Lightspeed, a collection of flash fiction. You can buy this thing here:

I am also a fully-fledged, qualified-and-everything teacher. I teach ESOL and Literacy as well as creative writing. Since this wasn’t apparently challenging enough, I have now started a master’s degree in inclusion in education.

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