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Our submissions inbox is now open!

The theme for issue 21 is representation.

The deadline is 16th September 2018. Please read our submissions guidelines carefully before submitting. It may also help to grab a copy of the magazine to see the kind of thing we like to publish.

Our submissions email is:


A Foolproof Guide to submitting to Bunbury Magazine

In your initial email to us, please tell us a little bit about yourself. A potted history of you in around 200 words. It’s nice to break the ice! We will not consider submissions which are merely a blank email with an attachment – we  like to know a little about you!

Each piece you send should be in its own Microsoft Word document (or whichever office suite you use), using 12pt Arial and double spaced. Use your name and the title of the piece as the file name.

Please note that we ask all who submit NOT to include any of the following in the main body of the piece:
Headers or Footers,
Page numbers,
Address(es) of contributor,
Telephone number(s) of contributor.

We do understand that sometimes things go wrong – the font may not be Arial, it may be single spaced. These things happen! We will not dismiss a submission out of hand if it misses the mark a little. However, there are two circumstances under which we will not consider a submission at all.

  1. If the writing is in the body of the email.
  2. If the writing is in a .pdf file.

N.B. – please do not submit pieces to us which are currently being considered by other publications. It creates a difficult situation for both publications and yourself and this is something we would rather avoid.

N.B.B. – Students, please do not submit any pieces that are currently being marked. There is the chance of it being flagged by a plagarism filter and you having academic malpractice charges brought against you. Life is too short for that hassle!

Here is what we are looking for from those who submit to Bunbury, with guidelines on each category.

Poetry – Up to 3 poems no longer than 40 lines each.

Short Stories – One story up to 1500 words

Flash Fiction – Up to 3 pieces no longer than 250 words each

Life Writing – One piece up to 1500 words

Serials – If you are sending a longer story, you must provide details of section breaks. Each section should be no longer than 1500 words. If you do not provide the section breaks, we will not be able to consider the piece.

For artists/photographers/graphic novelists

Please submit any work as 800×600 JPEG images in 300 dpi if and where possible. This is the optimum for our layout editors to work with. Any work submitted will be considered on loan from the artist. We are not purchasing any rights to the artists’ pieces which remain their own.

Artwork/photography – send as JPEGs, no more than 6 images. We also require a photo of yourself, a bio and any words you may have about the images – blurb, inspirations, motivations, narratives etc.

All work published in the magazine remains the copyright of the author/photographer/artist. All we ask is a period of 3 months between issues where we hold exclusive rights to the piece(s) after which you are more than welcome to try and have your work published elsewhere.

Keeping in With the Theme

Each issue of Bunbury has a theme. We do ask that submissions sent to us are in keeping with the theme of that particular issue. We like to think of the themes as a prompt to inspire great work!

All submissions should be in-keeping with the theme of the magazine which will be given on the back of all issues UNLESS, the piece(s) are of an exceptionally high quality. 

Of course, we would never ask an author or artist to limit the quality of their work in order to keep within the limits listed here. They are merely guidelines to help you aim what you are creating to try and keep in with what our vision is for both our own and your progress.

For Under 16’s

If you are under 16, please submit to us via your parent(s). As we will be contacting you with feedback and for issue launches, we would need your point of contact to be your legal guardian. If you want to submit, please ask their permission and have them write an email from their address on your behalf. From there, please follow the usual submissions guidelines.

Feedback from Us

We aim to give developmental feedback to every writer that submits to us, whether we accept or reject the pieces. We want to help you evolve and grow as creatives.

Sometimes, it may take us a little while to get back to you, especially if you send your work just after the submissions window has opened. It can take up to three months for a decision to be made. We do ask that you are patient. We are a team of very dedicated volunteers that put our all into what we do here.

If we accept your piece(s), you agree to being published in the digital and hard print format of Bunbury Magazine.

Do we pay for Publishing?

Quick answer: we do not. However, we do offer a free copy of the full digital Bunbury Magazine to everyone that features in its pages.


We will never EVER share your information with third parties. It’s not a very nice thing to do. However, when we send acknowledgement of your submission, we will ask if you would like to join our mailing list. This is the best way to be informed of new issues.

Don’t worry, we won’t be spamming you.  We will only be in touch when we launch a new issue or have particularly exciting news.

This is in accordance with the GDPR 2018.

We hope this has been helpful and we are looking forward to hearing from you all soon.

For even more information, you can look at the interview we did for Jim Harrington and his Six Questions For project below:

Six Questions For Bunbury Magazine

Christopher and Keri.

10 thoughts on “SUBMIT TO US”

  1. Hi, I’d like to submit a piece for your December magazine, but I currently only have word 2013 on my computer – will submitting a document in that form be an issue, as you only specify Word 97-2003?

    1. Hi there, there are links on our webster to download the issues.

      You can submit a single painting, however to showcase an artist, we have found a minimum of 3 pictures works best.

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