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Henry Churniavsky & Joe Bains: 2 Religions, 1 Comedy Show Review


Bunbury Magazine: ⭐⭐⭐


Comedy shows about religion can sometimes divide the audience’s expectations. Half of the audience may be predicting comedy that is a little close to the knuckle, and this can create a tension in the room.


Henry and Joe made sure that everyone in the room felt at ease, each performer delivering 30 minutes of solid comedy from the points of view of their respective religions – Henry being of the Jewish faith and Joe following Sikhism.


Joe and Henry each used their charm to disarm the audience in the room as they poked fun at their own religions and traditions – Joe’s jokes exploring cultural differences between India and the UK, such as the outsourcing of call centres and where Indian people in the UK can go for an authentic Indian experience. Again, Henry’s comedy explores what it was like growing up Jewish in Liverpool, with a great story about being excluded in a bar warming us up for what was to follow. All of the comedy from both performers subverted traditional jokes and stereotypes in a pleasing way.


I would have perhaps liked to see this exploration go a little deeper and it would have been great to see the performers on stage together, comparing and contrasting their own religions against each other’s and highlighting some absurdities and common ground. All in all though, it was an enjoyable hour of comedy which sought to challenge expectations and shed new light on and have fun with what could have been tense subject matter.

2 Religions, 1 Comedy Show.

Part of The Free Festival.

The Pear Tree.

Run now finished.

Written by Christopher Moriarty.

Editor Christopher’s Fringe Day 2 – 15/08/17

Yesterday was a long day. A looooong day indeed. And highly enjoyable.
I spent the large part of the day at The Counting House, a venue used by the Free Festival, seeing a mix of straigh stand-up comedy, improvised theatre and improvised sketches & poetry. 
Once again, this year I have been blown away already by the wealth and variety of talent on offer in Edinburgh. I’ve only seen 12 shows so I’ve not even scratched the surface but what I have seen has been amazing.
I do think the Fringe is doing strange things to my brain though. (I know I’ve only been here for a day and a half and there are plenty of people that have been here for far longer!) Last night, I had a dream that I was approached by a tam consisting of Katherine Ryan, Wil Hodgson and Phil Jupitus to steal the original scroll upon which Tom Parry wrote his ‘Red Sky at Night’ joke in a Mission-Impossible-style heist. I’m looking forward to tonight’s dream
Being up here feels like being part of the best community in the world. This is our fourth year up here, we have made so many good friends and it feels like such a safe space in which to do what we do.
Enough of all that now! Here’s a round up of what I saw yesterday.
John Porter – 5 Years Later

The Rat Pack Presents…

Henry Churniawsky & Joe Bains – 2 Religions, 1 Comedy Show

Peter Michael Marino – Show Up

Virginie Fortin – A Sad Joke About Life

Dave Chawner – C’est La Vegan

Poetic Jesstice

Total shows so far – 12
See you tomorrow!

Aidan Killian: Holy Trinity of Whistle Blowers

Bunbury Magazine: ★★★★★

Aidan Killian is a wonderful storyteller who keeps his material fresh and researches it very well. He has superb pacing and is a master class in satire.
This educational piece is kept spicy and includes some very artful alliteration and is akin to poetry at certain points with exceptionally smooth word play.

The way he portrays certain characters within the story brings an endearing filthiness.

The comedic elements are as well researched and crafted as the serious parts. The hour is punctuated with just the right amount of physical comedy which never goes over the top bust simply underlines points.

He has a tendency to look at things from a very bizarre way that people can also relate to.

With his excellent ability to work a room and an ending you won’t expect, it is easy to see why he is such a popular comic.

Holy Trinity of Whistle Blowers – 14:30, The Hive, 17th, 19th-31st Aug

Dommy B (The Dragon Who Hates Poetry)

Bunbury Magazine – ★★★★★

It is clear that Dommy B is a true showman from the off. He mingles with the crowd, gaining confidence and smiles from the audience which continue throughout the entire performance. His warmth and friendly persona are a hit with children and adults alike. This is his living and he loves every second. He responds expertly to his audience and surroundings and makes excellent use of the space.

It is truly refreshing to see a superb blend of family comedy and spoken word for all ages and to see young children engaging in poetry. His improvisational skills are second to none as he is able to roll with anything the performance throws at him.

He is a performer who must be experienced. At one point he was climbing over the audience and is completely heart-warming to see so much fun in one hour.

You will not see anything else quite like this and not meet anyone quite like him during the entire fringe.
Dominic has another show running for ADULTS ONLY in Cabaret Voltaire called:
‘Up Your Game! Downfall Of A Noob’.
With a chance every day to see this tour de force a day throughout the fringe, there really is no excuse not to experience him and what he does.

‘The Dragon Who Hates Poetry’ – Run Now Finished.
‘Up Your Game! Downfall Of A Noob’ – 18:20, Cabaret Voltaire – Aug 16, 18-23, 25-29

Our Fringe 2014 – Part One

Here at Bunbury Magazine, we love creativity in all shapes and media. We have featured writing, photography, art and interviews with musicians, playwrights and all sorts of lovely people. We basically try to create a cornucopia of loveliness on-line with each issue. Given this, we thought it was only right that this year we take a trip to Edinburgh for the biggest cornucopia of loveliness in the world – the Fringe and International Arts Festival. According to the Edinburgh Guide, this year there will be “49,497 performances of 3,193 shows in 299 venues across Scotland’s capital city.” How could we miss that?

We couldn’t! So we packed up our suitcase for four days and headed up with our mascot, Pinhead Po.Pinhead Po

Over the next few posts we shall be giving you a round-up of the shows we saw and the hijinks we got up to while we were up at the biggest arts festival in the world. Also, we will be giving awards out to all those deserving and hard-working folks at the Free Fringe!

Ben Target – The Audience Participation Award: As we queued up for Hooray for Ben Target (pronounced Tar-jay), the director asked if anyone could help collect imaginary lemons. We could not pass this up so the three of us hit the streets in search of fruits of the mind. When we arrived back at The Banshee Labyrinth, we were treated to highlights of the show we had come to see and were currently stood outside of. We were eventually let in very quietly by the eponymous Ben who had started crafting an imaginary cake with the help of the audience. The show was filled with silliness and very good-humoured jiggery-pokery as well as a history lesson on Target’s grandfather. This show is definitely not to be missed!

Cormac Friel – The Michael Palin Award: The first thing that struck us about Cormac is just how nice he is. Quite possibly the nicest person we met at the Fringe. In his show at the Jekyll and Hyde, called Alpha Fail, he discusses what it is to be an ‘alpha male’ in today’s world. His stage presence was easy and reassuring which really helped draw the audience into his world. Also, one of the best flyers for a show at the Fringe.

Pierre Hollins – Every Breath You Take Award: We first saw Pierre at Porky the Poet’s Free Fringe show (more on that to follow) where he did a guest spot. The day after, we bumped into him on Niddry Street we he met Po. On the third day, we went to see his show, sat in the front row and stared as he said words. It’s no wonder we were dubbed his first official stalkers! He has been on the circuit for 30 years and his experience shows. He was terrific on the stage, particularly when he broke out his guitar.

Richard Tyrone Jones – Stewart Lee Award and My (Christopher) Best Joke of the Fringe: ‘What The F*ck Is This? One man. One hour. Five words.’ The flyer says exactly what this show does. Richard, in a tweed jacket, boxer shorts, shoes and nothing else says nothing but those five words for an hour. In different orders and different voices, of course. There is an accompanying slide show with increasing bizarre pictures and bags of audience interaction in this manic, patience-testing and ultimately rewarding show. Half the audience had left by the end but they really missed out, especially one beautiful moment where everything was turned on it’s head at the end. Best Joke: The ‘The The/Bruce Forsythe’ joke. Saying anything more would be a huge spoiler!

Wil Hodgson – The Missions and Values Award:  Wil Hodgson’s show is called ‘You Will Be Taken From This Place’ and that is exactly he does. Using a beautifully descriptive and well penned set, he truly does take his audience away on an amazing informative historical journey. He begins this journey by saying that he has been doing comedy and the Fringe for a long time and wanted to try something different; a spoken word show, about the history of capital punishment in Britain, with much of the story based around the hanging of Peter Allen ( hope I got that right, don’t fail me now Wikipedia) It was a fascinating show with parts of humour though comedy was never the main aim of the show. Wil is talking about taking it on tour and we implore him to do so and all of you to get out and see it!

Darren Walsh – The Milton Vine Award: We sadly were not able to make Darren’s pun-filled half-hour though we were drawn to him whilst he was flyering for his show by the board around his neck advertising ‘FREE PUNS.’ Even with the word ‘antidisestablishmentarianism’ he did not disappoint! A full review of his show, ‘Chicken Meow’ will follow in the future.

Christian Reilly – The Aint No Rest For The Wicked/Money Don’t Grow on Trees Award: What do you like in a free show? Do you like comedy? Music? Saving money on seeing Boris Johnson, Lady Gaga and Bon Jovi live? Christian Reilly is a consummate master of taking some of the biggest and hottest topics plaguing society today such as bullying and the food racism of the traffic light system. Beware though, his songs WILL get stuck in your head. Beautifully addictive.

Valdermar Pustelnik – The We’ve Got Fun ‘n’ Games: On our very first day at the Fringe this year, we were sat in a Subway having a spot of breakfast when we saw a man in a Viking hat with a great big ginger beard handing out flyers for a show called ‘My Demons are Bigger then Yours.’ This was a really touching and funny show about one man’s struggle with what it means to really be a man today and whether or not his family need him or he needs them…if only to find his pants! We also find out that you can say pretty much anything you want if you wear an impressive hat. Great delivery and emotion in a well-crafted show.

More to follow. Much, much more!