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Episode 5: Make Them Feel Small.


Welcome to episode 5 of The Bunbury Speaks Podcast!

This time we had the the pleasure of talking to the fantastic Mike Bedigan. We covered many topics and had a good few laughs and of course, heard Mike’s marvelous addition to our story.

We also wish Mike all the success possible with his Masters degree and future.

As always the music was by the brilliant Midlane, click on his face below for more!

It was produced by Keri Moriarty for the internet.

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All that said, we hope you enjoy the podcast.

Happy listening,

Much love,
Team Bunbury

Raymond Burke – The Metaphoric Table: A Review

Bunbury Magazine – 

In a world where all is uncertainty, Raymond Burke has attempted to bring some clarity to one aspect of the human experience. From alliteration to metonymy, catechresis to synedoche, Burke has set out to bring order to the oft murky world of writing devices and figurative language.

This is a very well-crafted, informative show that has been put together with the passion of a seasoned writer. The talk is accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation which helps to shed light and share examples of the various devices that are explored in this show. Burke brings a calming charm to the proceedings, weaving the knowledge of the craft together with engrossing and light-hearted story telling. Perhaps the highlight of the show is a scholarly break-down of Trump’s infamous Elton John speech, which perfectly highlights and underpins the whole purpose behind the talk; that we all subconsciously use these devices but are unaware that we are doing so.

Burke shines a light on how we speak and write with great care and wit throughout. This is a must for any writer.

Written by Christopher Moriarty.

Raymond Burke – The Metaphoric Table

Bar Bados, 1215. Part of PBH Free Fringe

4th – 25th August (except 12th and 19th)

The Bunbury Speaks Podcast Episode 2


Here we are again on our own…

Only we’re not on our own are we lovely listeners, because you’re here.

This time we bring you an interview so electric even the weather joined in!  we has a thunder storm right the way through most of it and editor Keri loved every minute of it.
In this episode we discuss education, Shakespeare, trouser rippage, running, pies, chicken nuggets and the answer to the most important question on the Bunbury team’s mind and one that has burned through the ages;
What Paul’s zombie apocalypse plan is.
All this and more!

Below you’ll find all of the links we talked about in the show.

You can see Paul’s work and get in touch with him via Facebook at
We really do advise that you check him out. He’s a lovely guy and his poetry books are well worth investing in.

Speaking of which, here’s a link to his shop http://thedramastudio.org.uk/shop/ on his website, http://thedramastudio.org.uk/#
There are loads of things to discover so do visit and take a gander and keep up to date with his blog!

One of the things we talk about is a wonderful coincidence which not only went viral but made it to the paper.
Read more here because it’s a brilliant story.

Finally, as mentioned above, we spoke about Paul’s passion for running. He runs for charity a lot and has a just giving page. His next run is for the cancer charity Macmillan. Please give what you can. It will be much appreciated by us an him.

As always the music was by the brilliant Midlane, click on his face below for more!
It was produced by Keri Moriarty for the internet.

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Rosie Fleeshman – Narcissist In The Mirror. Review


Bunbury Magazine: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This show is filled with excellent full belly laugh humour and a sense of mischief from the off. Rosie works the crowd so well and has the audience hanging off her every word.
There is a sort of, poised chaos to the performance which intensifies the further in we get but it is shot through with warmth.
The use of silence is just as effective and needed as Fleeshman’s spoken word which itself incorporates surprising language usage which trips off her tongue effortlessly.
The piece encompasses what spoken word should be about.
It is brave, charged with emotion and inspiring and is topped off with a very unique voice that suits the tone and writing down to the ground. Close your eyes and you can hear her facial expressions and feel every word.
Narcissist In The Mirror leaves you wanting more and is one of the most beautiful ways to spend time with what I would class as a perfect ending.
If you haven’t seen it, you’re doing yourself a disservice.


Phil Jupitus Is Porky The Poet In Survivalve

Phil Jupitus Is Porky The Poet in Survivalve 12:30-13:30 5-13th, 15-27th August Bannerman’s (Venue 357)

Bunbury Magazine: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Bunbury Award: Best Cathedral Based Poem 🏆

This beautifully playful show is utterly fabulous and is topped off by the splendid guest slot provided by the very talented Tim Wells.
The fantastically written pieces tackle a wide range of topics poignantly in some places and with belting punch lines in others.
And of course, the delivery is the perfect accompaniment to the poetry.

Tim Wells, is a superb poet. The imagery, life, warmth and colour is very apparent, all shot through with brilliant humour.
No matter what the length of the poem or the subject, he leaves his audience enthralled.
I’d say as close to a perfect guest slot for the show as one could get.

Between the passion of the performances and the gorgeousness of the work, lies a show that if missed, would leave your Fringe incomplete. 20170816_140029

Will Seaward Goes To El Dorado – Review

Will Seaward Goes To El Dorado –  3:30pm Heroes @ The Hive (Venue 313)  Aug 15, 17-27

Bunbury Magazine: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Bunbury Award: Best Laugh of the Fringe 🏆

Will Seaward Goes To El Dorado is engaging from the off, bouncy, buoyant and packed to the back teeth with wise advice such as,
Do not put toothpaste on molten lead.
Will is a marvellous story-teller easily capturing the audience imagination with tales of derring-do and intrigue, supported by a wealth of evidence which in itself is presented in a bold, well thought out way and is masterfully executed, never once losing the attention audience. It is also one of the very few shows I’ve seen where audience members of all ages laugh consistently in all of the right places even when the language is a little colourful, but we all know editor Keri loves a good swear! He also used the word ‘Rouse’ which is one of the finest words in the English language, finest and underused.
This beautifully written, beautifully performed show captures what I believe the fringe to be about. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen before and definitely earns its place in th running for Bunbury’s ‘Best of The Fringe’.
While watching this show i found myself thinking over and over that I wish he had been my history teacher. I would probably have been a historian instead.
Inspiring belly laughs that leave you in the best of moods and enthralling to the last this is a must see show. You’ll be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t.

Want to join will on an actual, real life quest to find the actual real life El Dorado? Then you’ll have to pop along to find out more won’t you?


Omar & Lee – We Are All Idiots ★★★★★

It was late, the audience was rowdy and these guys were Amazing.

They warmed the audience up with ease and their control throughout was superb. Energetic from start to finish and with a story that was strangely emotive given the overall tone of the performance, these two were a pleasure to behold.

We can say confidently that there was something for everyone in this show, from knuckle grazing ‘Should I laugh at this’ jokes to genuinely side-splitting witticisms and physicality, making this one of the best shows of the fringe.

Think satire infused with almost cartoon-like visual gags and magnificent facial hair, Omar & Lee really do have a unique chemistry  that carries their style of writing perfectly.

We arrived expectant, we left elated.

In short, they are a must-see duo who we predict, have a bright, nay, dazzling future in the industry.


Gary From Leeds – Garibaldi: A Review

Bunbury Magazine Rating: ★★★★★

Bunbury Fringe Award: Best Show Title

One really nice thing we have found at the Edinburgh Fringe in the last few years is that spoken word is taking more of a centre stage. As much as we love comedy here at Bunbury, we do also love a finely-crafted hour of spoken word.

Garibaldi, in our opinion, straddles both comedy and spoken word in a very clever way.

After some startling statistics on the decline of The Gary, Gary From Leeds spends the next hour performing sharply-written poems in an attempt to ‘Save Gary.’ He references everything from the Andrex Puppies to Giuseppe Garibaldi himself whilst taking the audience on an extraordinary journey through his words.

Gary makes brilliant use of props throughout the show as well – the palm reading is a stroke of genius (we won’t give it away!) as well as utilising music very effectively. One of the highlights is a poem so bereft of hope yet set to the ‘second jauntiest TV theme of all time’ (again, we won’t give it away) that, yes Gary, it did leave the audience with a net depression. And we loved it.

This is spoken word at its finest and funniest.

Garibaldi was performed at Silk in the Upper Room.