In 2017 we were shortlisted for the Saboteur Awards ans we want to say a big thank you to everyone who voted. Each and every one of you are amazing!

Check out below where we talk about being nominated last year as well as where you can buy the Bunbury Creative Anthology!



This is it.

This is the one we’ve been waiting for, dear Bunburyists. After 12 issues of absolutely staggering writing, we have picked our favourite poems, short stories and flash fictions and put them all together for the very first Bunbury Creative Anthology. With the help of Octavo Press, we are thrilled to bring you our works in print for the very first time.

You can get a copy for yourself today on Amazon, either in physical print or e-book. It is rammed full of amazing writing and is essential for anyone who loves poetry, short stories and flash fiction. Just click the beautiful front cover below!


We are Bunbury Publishing LTD. Right now, we run Bunbury Magazine, an arts-and-lit magazine with a big focus on grass-roots creativity, giving a platform to creatives who would not necessarily get the exposure they deserve through mainstream routes.

First and foremost in our mind are the writers and artists with whom we work. We always aim to deliver the best possible support and guidance to those who submit to the magazine and those authors who are publishing full collections with us.

When someone submits a piece to Bunbury Magazine,
we always aim to reply with acknowledgement within four days so the person knows we are there for them and their piece has been gratefully received. When we enter the editorial phase for the upcoming issue, we reply to everyone who has submitted, whether their piece has been accepted or not. If we accept one or more pieces from an author or artists, we like to tell that person what we loved about the piece so they know their strengths and can work to build and evolve their work with this in mind.

If we reject pieces, we give guidance on what may have not worked with the piece, in our minds. We give email feedback on the pieces and offer one-on-one Skype sessions to give deeper feedback.

We do, of course, accept pieces from established creatives too. We also bring interviews and features from some of the best local and more-widely-known bands, comedians, writers, artists from Manchester, the UK and around the world.

In recent issues, we have done interviews with some big names too. We had the honour of interviewing Jasika Nicole, an actress who has appeared in Take the LeadFringe (one of our favourite shows of all time!) and Scandal. We talked to her about her acting as well as her other passions, including creating comics, furniture, clothing and everything else practically.

We also interviewed Michael R. Perry, the writer of the brilliantly dark The Voices, starring Ryan Reynolds and Gemma Arterton.  He is a fantastic writer and well worth checking out, both with The Voices and his future projects.

We also like to get out into the world and bring features on events to the magazine. In past issues, we have attended Verbose, a brilliant spoken word event in Manchester where we interviewed the organisers and poets who performed at the event about what they love to do and showcased a selecetion of their poetry, giving them all a wider platform for their passions to be noticed. Last year, we went to Edinburgh to do coverage of the Fringe Festival, with a huge focus on those performing as part of the Free Fringe – those comedians and performers the BBC would not necessarily showcase on its revues afterwards. These are the people who make the Edinburgh Fringe truly special and deserve a wider platform.

On top of all this, we also run a writing group and regular events called Just Write. In the group itself, we help local writers shape and hone their work through both positive and more critical feedback. Every six weeks, we then give the writers a chance to perform their pieces in front of a warm and accepting audience in a safe space. We also have some of the finest poets from the Manchester area, and further afield, as headline guests.

As you can see, we aim to everything we can to support those who contact us with their work. Why not do the same and GET IN TOUCH WITH US today and start what we hope will be a great relationship?

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